Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 4


Hope you guys are having a good week and enjoying having the family there. Tell them hi for me. I’m apologizing in advance if there are typos. I accidentally erased the first part of my message and don’t have a lot of time to rewrite it all, so I'm writing fast.

This week went well. My Portuguese is still progressing. We’ve practiced teaching the first lesson a lot in Portuguese, and I can do it all without notes. This Friday we have a TRC, where we will teach some native Brasileros members in a first-lesson situation. I’m stoked. I can teach the lesson no problem and say almost everything I want to say. I’m just hoping they don’t have hard questions. That’s the hardest part, understanding the Brasileros´ questions. They can talk kind of fast...

Our Brasileros roommates left this week, which was kind of sad. They are way cool guys. I’m hoping we get some new ones in our room. But it may not happen. 60 new Americans got here today, and like 30 Brasileros show up tomorrow, so this place is going to be packed. I bet they will put a lot of the Brasileros with some of the newer guys here to help them with the language. A district in our hall also left this week, so now there is only district older than us in our hall. And they leave next Tuesday. So then we will be the oldest in our hall, which will be fun. I’m stoked to get to Manaus and to teach real people.

Mom to answer your questions: yes MissionTies mail counts as hard mail. There are like 5 sister companionships from the US and probably 10-15 from Brasil. We don’t really talk with them though.Yesterday I spoke in only in Portuguese for an hour and a half. Tomorrow I think I’ll speak for at least 2. It's way fun. Sometimes I have to find another way to make my point, but its fun to just speak in Portuguese.

Today we went to the temple and Irmão Ramón came again, and brought his camera. We aren’t allowed to bring our cameras to the temple, so he brought his and took a bunch of pictures of us outside the temple and said he would email them to us. I’ll see if he can forward them to you too.

All is going well here, and I feel like time is starting to go by quickly, which is good, because I’m ready to head out to Manaus. I’m glad you guys had fun on Trek. Way to go and set your scones on fire Erynn...haha. Anyway, my time is kind of short. Turns out there was a typo in out rule book and we can only email for 30 minutes not 45. Oh well. Irmão Ramón told me there wasn’t a rule about it in Manaus when he was there (which was just a month ago). Anyway, I love you guys.

Write me! Letters here are like gold. I hope Grandpa is alright. I’ll remember him in my prayers. But I have to go now. Love you all! Happy Birthday again Erynn (I remembered btw, even w/out mom telling me).

Love ya.


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