Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Porto Velho

Hey guys,

Erynn! Way to get into BYU!!! I'm way stoked. I knew that you'd get in. You need to get some good looking friends/roommates though, cuz we'll be there at the same time. Just saying.... But, that's kinda weird we'll be sophs at the same time....but anyway. Parabéns!

Things are a little different with Elder Parades, but it's cool I guess. He tells me everyday that I'm senior, which is fun. It's given me the chance to be able to work harder, the way that I want to. And, as a result, some of our numbers and lessons have been improving. So, I'm enjoying that aspect of the work. It gives me the opportunity to talk more. I mark appointments, start lessons, finish lessons, decide where we are going. It's been a blessing for me. Elder Paredes seems like a big "work hard, play hard" kinda guy. My only worry is how hard he wants to play. But, overall, I've been enjoying this transfer.

As far as baptisms go, we have a wedding/baptism that should go down in March. I'm really stoked for it. They're some of my favorite investigators on the mission. We are also working with another family of 4 (who all went to church on Sunday). So, we are working on their baptism and it looks like March should be a good month if all goes well.

So, this week I ate something new. Jacaré!! (alligator) We ate it for lunch on Monday. It's not the most tasty food ever, but I liked it. It's like the consistency of chicken but tastes like fish....kinda weird. But, I enjoyed it.

Speaking of alligators and eating, I'll give you guys a little glimpse of some tragic news over here in Rondônia... A 4 meter long alligator ate an 11 year old girl in the city of Porto Velho! They ended up catching and killing the gator.

We've planned a fishing trip for an up coming P-day. We can't enter the water or boats (our ward has a crazy fisher who goes to the middle of the river on fishing trips...) but someone in our ward knows a place where we can go fishing without getting in the water. I'll watch out for 4 meter long alligators.

It's Carnival now....lots of drunk people and loud music....So, it's been kinda interesting. But, luckily our area isn't that bad. I wouldn't want to be in some other parts of the city right now...

As far as the camera goes, I'm pretty sure I'll get it today. The LZs (Zone leaders) went to Manaus and are coming back today. I hope they have it.

Let's see....hope you guys enjoy your break! Hope all is well, and I'll talk to you next week. Love you guys!

-Elder Eric C. Stapley

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