Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terra Nova

Hey guys!

Well, today was a pretty sweet day. We woke up at 6:00 and headed to mission HQ. We were able to hear Elder Jeffery R. Holland, Bishop Edley (first counselor in the presiding bishopric), and President Godroy (70). Rapaz. It was good! When he came in he let all of us go through and shake his hand. I could honestly really tell that he was an apostle. He talked a lot about how good President and Sister Jayme are and gave a really good talk. He talked for about an hour, and the others for a pretty decent amount of time too. It was way good, and way spiritual. I think I was in the 4th row. Way close...It was cool being able to see and shake a hand of an apostle. It was so personal that he even called out a missionary who wasn’t paying a lot of attention...kinda embarrassing. But I really enjoyed hearing all of their talks and really felt the Spirit. He did mention however, that ever sister missionary is worth at least 5 Elders. I thought about Shannon when he said that. But Elder Holland talked a lot about his mission, teaching with power and authority, Preach My Gospel, and missionaries who go inactive after the mish. I can honestly say that I’m personally frightened if I now ever go inactive after the mission...But I really know that that man is an apostle. One time he even said, "I’ve seen things that I can’t tell you. I’ve had experiences so great and sacred I can’t share them with you that you can’t even imagine." Whoo intense. But it was way good...

This week I’ve really been trying to live up to the expectation of Pres and of the Lord. I marked another wedding, and 3 more baptisms for next month. So, if everything goes well next month (which I pray it does...) we'll have 3 weddings and 7 baptisms. All families. I just hope everything goes well. We still have a few probs to sort out with 2 of the families, but I have faith that everything will go well. One of the things I learned with Paredes (my last comp) is that you ant be afraid to invite anyone and EVERYONE to be baptized…so, I’m trying to go to work and really invite everyone to be baptized....

Transfers go down this week. Next P-day I could be with a new comp. I’m almost positive that I’ll stay in this area and with Elder Lopes.

Let’s see...what else went down this week....we are really gaining the respect of the members here, and they seem really excited to help in missionary work. I’ve been impressed with the amount of visit that they've been doing and how they've embraced some of our investigators. I think they are also a little surprised with us. When we tell people there will be 3 weddings next month they usually are pretty impressed. But I’m really grateful for their help. It makes my life a little easier.

By the way, thanks for the package! I got it today and was way stoked. Good stuff....

No new pics this week, I need to take some more. But this area is kinda dangerous, so I usually don’t carry my camera with me. This really isn’t the safest of all my areas. Drugs. Murders. Robberies. Yeah. I'll try to take some this week though.

Well, that’s pretty much what went down this week. Weird. I turn 20 this week....But anyways. I love you guys! Hope that all is going well! Tchau!

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