Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terra Nova

What's up, guys?

Well, another week in the mish. It's gone well and been crazy. Being with a companion that doesn't speak Portuguese can be a little draining, but it's fun. Elder Wolfe is a good guy and already my friend, and he's learning a lot. Switching back and forth between English and Portuguese can be a little hard. It's kinda confusing.

Everything is all good for the weddings on the 22nd. 2 of our investigators need to delay their baptisms for family reasons. But we are still working hard and all of our couples have been interviewed for baptism. Now we're just helping the ward with the finishing touches. It's a lot of running around but it should be good. The baptisms will be on the 23rd. I'll baptize 2, Elder Wolfe will baptize one, and a ward member will baptize one. Should be good.

Last night, we were walking in one of the poorer parts of our area and almost stepped on a massive snake. I think this snake took the record for the biggest one I've seen on the mish. It was crazy big. I doubt it was poisonous. It looked more like some kind of constrictor. I almost got a picture, but it got away. I think my companion thought it was pretty cool.

So, the Sounders are going to play Argentina, huh? I hate to say it, but the Sounders are going to get smashed. Messi is amazing. That man is crazy. He's the nightmare of all Brazilians.... We'll be able to watch some of the Brazilian games of the world cup. I'm stoked. I bought my Robinho jersey, so I'm all set and ready to go. I also have a Messi jersey. (The Brazilians usually aren't big fans of it.)

Let's see. What else went down. Last week, an Area 70 came to the mish and spoke. President Linhares. It was cool. I spent the entire time translating though. I forgot my comp doesn't speak so I didn't translate for the first 10 minutes. President Jayme came down off the stand and told me- if I wanted to, I could feel free to translate...I took the hint...Switching language all the time can throw me off....
Friends in Lagoa Verde

So, today, (P-day) I visited my first area. Lagoa Verde. Some other friends passed there, and one even made BBQ chicken. I'm not sure how he made BBQ in this country, but he did and it turned out good. It was so weird see people that I couldn't understand (very well) the last time I saw them. Talking with some of my first baptisms that now can understand all the things I say . It was a fun experience. One of my baptisms pretty much started crying when I showed up. They all started talking about how different I am. Apparently, I'm more skinny, more tan, my shirts are yellow, and my Portuguese has gotten a lot better. It's been about 6 months since I left there. But it was way fun. I enjoyed being able to understand every word that they were saying- instead of just the general idea (...or nothing at all...)

(Dad and Mom, I'm eating enough. I'm just skinny from walking around in the sun all day long. Can you send American snacks in my package, though?)

That's pretty much what's been going on these past few days. Just trying to help Elder Wolfe as much as I can. It can be kind of hard to teach Portuguese. I think I forgot a little bit about how hard it was when I showed up. But, I'm praying and trying to do my best. Anyway, hope you have a great week.

Love you!
-Elder Eric C. Stapley

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