Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 11

This week went well. Not as easy as last week, but still well. A lot of appts fell through (which happens a lot) but we are teaching and have some progressing investigators.

We now have AC in our church building! It's sweet! We only had 50 ppl at church last Sunday (and you guys thought our ward was small...) It was testimony meeting, so I introduced myself and bore a little testimony. I think they understood least I hope so. We are in one of the hardest zones and wards in Manaus. When I move to an area that baptizes every week -I will appreciate it that much more! But, I'm enjoying my ward and getting to know and work with the members.

The people here have a nickname for me. Elder Harry Potter. They all think I look like him. And,also- Elder Grampeador (Elder Stapler). It's pretty fun. My Portuguese is getting better and I'm starting to be able to joke around with the people a little more. I continue to understand and speak a little better every day, When I teach, I don't always have to think about how to say things in Portuguese. I still can't wait until I'm fluent though!

It's freaking hot! Starting at 10 or 11 in the morning, it's 100 degrees for the rest of the day. I'm getting a sweet tan line. It's really attractive... We try to drink a lot. I like the heat and I'm glad I'm not in Siberia or something. Fortunately, our showers don't have heat, so that's one of my favorite parts of the day.

I'm glad to hear about BYU!!! Elder Christensen got more details than me, we got a good update. I hope it's not like every other year where they just die near the end (or middle) of the season. Next Wedneday for Elder Christensen's b-day, we are going to Pizza Hut! We are even inviting President. It's right on the edge of our area and I'm stoked for the change from rice and beans.

Sorry this may be a little short, but I have to email the president. Thanks for the letters btw (j, k, andrew, blaine!) Erynn, who are your teachers? How's the 'quah? Hope you're doing well. I'll email next week! Love you guys, Tchao!

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