Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 13 Manaus

Hey guys!

I've only got an hour to email and send pics, so it might be a little shorter today. Hope you don't mind. We just got done bowling with our zone. It was pretty fun, and after this we are going to get some good ol' McDonalds. Too bad it's way expensive here, but American food is just so good. We had Pizza Hut last week and went full out- large pizza with canadian bacon, pepperoni,and stuffed crust and unlimited refills. Too bad it was like R$70...But it was SO good. I'm already getting tired of rice and beans, and the pizzas here aren't normal. So Pizza Hut was sweet!

Anyway, this week was alright. A lot of stuff fell through and some investigators are being a little difficult, but some went well. The 16-year old girl, Camila, came to church again and went to seminary every day they had it this week. We've visited her a lot. She's hard to teach because she just drills us with questions. But, we got her to pray about our message and she felt something. She's difficult but I'm sure one day she will be baptized. I'm hoping soon. I guess we'll see what happens....but she is progressing.

So, I caught some Amazon sickness for 4 days or so. That was fun. Don't worry, I'm not dying or anything. But I'll be honest, it sucked. I had a fever and my head felt like it was about to explode. My entire body hurt. I honestly felt like I had been hit by a truck. repeatedly. I guess one benefit of the sickness (I can't remember the name of it) was that I was cold! Freezing, actually. That has never happened here, and I don't see it happening again unless I get sick. So, I guess that was a benefit. I'm pretty much better now, still kinda sore, but it's all good.

It rained this week. We were at lunch at a member's house and heard a LOUD burst of thunder, the power went out and the heavens opened with rain. It was amazing. It poured like Seattle in April. Possibly even more. It was nuts. It also hailed. All the Brazilian kids who have never seen snow thought it was snowing. Poor kids. It didn't last more than 45 min, but it was cool. After, it was super muggy and gross. It's already super humid here, but it made it even more muggy and sticky. Bleh!

I can honestly say I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my entire life. This hasn't happened to me yet, but people sweat so much that salt forms on their forehead. It happens to my companion sometimes. I can see salt on my black socks when I take them off at the end of the day. I'm sure you all really wanted to know that. Apparently, papigaios (the little green parrots) love when salt forms on your forehead and lick it off. Elder Christensen told me a member had one as a pet and every time they went over, it would lick his forehead. haha. I'm waiting to see that happen.

I need to tell you guys there is a strike at the post office. So, letters are being slow right now. I hope your package shows up soon, but I honestly think it will take awhile.

So, yeah, that was the highlights of my week. I'm still just chilling here in the amazon, talking to people, teaching, and trying to find more people to teach. We are having a baptism this week and another 2 the first week in October. I could technically not be here, but I'm pretty sure I won't get transferred. I'll write more next week. Have a great week, keep it real, love you guys!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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  1. E ai rapaz! Como vai as coisas? Espero que tudo esteja bem com voce e seu companheiro. Cada semana, eu li seu blog e sorrir porque eu me lembro o tempo que eu estava na minha missao. En tenho tanto saudades do Brasil e um dia, eu vou voltar nao so pra minha missao mas pra visitar todo o Brasil.

    Se tiver o oportunidade de comer um pizza de frango com catupiry, foi meu predileto e nao tem nada aqui que e igual. Eu morava numa area onde tivemos uma irma que iria cozinhar uma pizza para os elderes cada semane. Foi otimo demais.

    Entao, continue firme com a lingua and seus estudios. Eu sou grato pelo oportunidade que eu tinha de te-ensinar. Estou orando por seu successo.


    (Bro. Bailey in case you forgot :)