Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It was a pretty hectic and busy week, but overall pretty solid. We had a wedding on Saturday and that was a lot of work. We were running around all week and pretty much all of Saturday, preparing for the wedding and making sure everything was on tract. It turned out really well! It was well attended and the bride and groom really enjoyed it. We were able to mark a lot of appointments with the nonmembers in attendance. Some tell us that they want to get married and baptised before the next transfer (just in case Elder Christensen or I get transferred...) We'll see how that goes. We've already talked to one of the couples and it sounds like they really want to join the church. That's pretty sweet. We'll see what happens. I was looking fresh at the wedding- I wore my suit and a pair of shoes I hadn't worn yet, they were all shiny...Luckily, I didn't get robbed or anything... The baptism went really well on Sunday and a lot of people attended, which is always good.

It rained! That's always nice. We had a few storms, mostly during the night, but it's so nice waking up to rain and a cool little breeze. The rainy season doesn't start until December and apparently it will rain every day...a lot! I'm stoked for that- because it's really hot here....

I finally ate fish. It was pretty good. It was some little fish that was kinda hard to eat with the spine and bones all over the place. I'm getting used to rice and beans all day...which is good, considering we eat it every day. I saw a chameleon this week, surpising to see it this close to the city. I tried to catch him but he was a fast little guy.

We played soccer this morning with our zone. Portuguese is coming along. I'm able to joke around more with the people now, so that's pretty cool.

Still haven't gotten the package. At this point, I'm just hoping that it shows up. The post is still on strike and a few days ago we saw a large area of red and smoke. Turns out, our post office just burned to the ground. So...that's unfortunate....

Well, we had a really good week as far as lessons go and are teaching some families that have potential. We are always trying to find new people to teach, but are doing pretty well for this area.
Have a good week, love you guys, and tchao!

-elder eric stapley

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