Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 14 Manaus

Bom Dia!

Sou Eu. This week was really hot, like usual, but overall it was pretty good. We had a baptism that went well and taught a decent amount of lessons. I've been in Manaus for one month now! That's kinda cool. On Saturday, we'll find out if anyone is being transferred. I'm sure I'll stay here, but Elder Christensen could leave. I'm guessing (and hoping...) that we both stay here, though. I'm learning a lot from Elder Christensen and he's a cool guy. I hope we stay here for one more transfer. I guess I'll find out on Saturday. So next week it's possible (but not likely) I could be emailing you from the interior of the Amazon.

Next month should be good here in Lagoa Verde. We already have 2 baptisms marked and some potentials, including Camila (that 16 year old girl). We aren't really big into baptizing kids and teenage girls, but she wants to get baptized next month. After some decent Bible bashes and frustrating lessons, she wants to get baptzied. She wants to take her time though, so that's part of the reason I want to be here next month. So, we'll see what goes down.

Oh, I finally had some weird food. I ate chicken heart. I'm not sure how weird that is, but I ate it. A sister in our ward made lunch for us and made a bunch of chicken hearts. She said I didn't have to eat it, but they liked them. So, I tried it, they're really not bad. I actually kinda liked it. So, yeah. Chicken hearts. Other than that it's just rice and beans, like usual. I still haven't eaten fish (nobody makes it for us). In other areas they only eat fish, I'm sure I'll try it soon. We went to MCDonalds again this week, which was amazing but expensive. I love french fries and burgers.

To answer your questions- I don't know if the post office is still on strike. Also, we will go to general conference and watch it live. A little room is set up for missionaries to watch it in English.

Nothing really too different happened this week. Portuguese is still coming along, and I get better every day. Elder Christensen is really trying to help me with my accent and to get it down early. It's hard but really helpful. He speaks really well. Some Brazilians are surprised when they find out he's American. I'm still waiting for that to happen to me....but it will! That would be cool, Shannon, if you learned Portuguese

Oh, another thing. You guys should send me more pictures. Brazilians love pictures, especially of America. Tons of people ask to see pictures of the U.S., our families, and us before our missions. You can decide what to send- if you don't mind.

Well, anyways, thats pretty much it for this week. Hope your week goes well, love you guys, e por agora, Tchao!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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