Thursday, November 5, 2009


oi! Sou Eu! This week has gone well and it's a pretty exciting time. We have transfers again on the 17th, so Elder Christensen and I are trying to end it well. It's been the same usual work and heat (it rained a little on one day this week....) but we've had a lot of fun. We will have another baptism on Saturday, it will be for Kamila, the 16 yr old girl we've been teaching. We were worried for a while that her mom wouldn't allow it (she even downright told us that she wouldn't...) but she finally signed the form. Strangely though, I was never worried about it. I just knew that her mom would allow it and she'd get baptized on the set date. I honestly can say I knew it and that the Lord would provide a way. So, that's Saturday- I'll send pics.

One other quick story with Kamila. This Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Last month, I told her that if she spoke, I would, too. She didn't, so I challenged her again, this month. On Sunday, Elder Christensen and I bore our testimonies and waited. Finally, she stood and bore a sincere testimony about the truthfulness of the church. To give a little background, many in her family are really, really against the church. She talked about how she knew that the church was true, even though many told her it wasn't, and how it goes against so many things that she had learned and thought she knew. I'll be honest, I almost cried. Same with Christensen. Many in the ward were crying. It was one of the most fullfilling times so far on my mission, to see some one that I helped teach, bear a sincere and honest testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel. It just hit me. This was a really rewarding exprience and it makes me want to work even harder. It's interesting to see the changes that the gospel makes in peoples lives. It was a cool experience.

Everything is set for the wedding on the 14th. The bride has already bought a ton of food and invited a lot of people. It should be a fun time. She has some kids that are in love with me. They have a 2 year old daughter that has decided she will marry me. haha.

So,I ate a weird food this week. Check this one out. Milk left out 4 days to rot (I don't remember what they call it), then refrigerate it and eat it with a spoon. It's weird. I only ate a little bit...just because. I can't say it was the best tasting thing in the world, either. Luckily, the member that served it wasn't offended that I only ate a little. Even his own kids don't like it.

It's getting closer to transfers. I'm curious to see what's going to happen. Christensen goes home at the end of the next transfer, so it'd be weird if they put him in a new area. It seems more likely that I'd move. We'll find out on the 14th.

Oh, so Christmas is coming to Manaus. People have started busting out wreaths and trees and lights. It's so weird! It feels like the middle of summer, it's 110 degress every day. Erynn probably knows exactly how many days until Christmas...

Parabens to Shannon. Good luck. Be prepared for Canada! I called it. Just sayin.

Anyway, I just thought how glad I am to know that the church of Jesus Christ is here on the earth today. It really isn't just any other church, but was perfectly restored here on the earth. I know the Lord restored the church through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and that today we have the same church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is a proof of God's love for us. There is no way that it could have been written by Joseph Smith. It truly is a solid proof and evidence that the Church of Jesus Christ was restored. It is the word of God, just like the Bible (the Bible even prophesises of it). I'm sure I just spelled that wrong, but I'll blame it on the PortugĂșes. I know that this church is true and that it brings more happiness to people and families than anything else in this world. I've seen the changes it's made in the lives of people and I can honestly say that this gospel is true! I love sharing it with the people here!

I love you guys, and Tchao!

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