Friday, November 13, 2009


This was a good week to be a missionary! We worked hard and had a lot of success. We had Kamila's baptism on Sat. night and it was good! At least half the ward came, almost all the youth were there and sang a musical number. The ward has really friendshipped her, which is fun to see. There was a lot of crying and some good talks given. It all went really well and was a great experience for us and for the ward. And- especially Kamila! I'm lovin' it!

Shannon, I'm so stoked for you going to Campinas and that you'll learn the celestial language of Portuguese! You're going to have such a blast. They have a temple over there! You are going to have a totally different accent than me. But don't worry-- yours is easier to get down. Paulistas talk more like Americans. I hope you get my same professors in the MTC! That would be way cool. It gets colder down there, not too cold- but at least there's a climate change, unlike the perpetual summer over here. I'm stoked for you! I'll give you some advice when it gets closer, but for now just thank the Lord that you are called to Brasil!

This week is another wedding. Life is busy. Last night the couple got interviewed for baptism and all is set for Sunday. They both want me to baptize them, so we'll see how that goes. I haven't drowned anybody yet... They are both really excited and love learning the gospel. It's fun teaching people who are so eager to learn and change their lives. They both want to repent, learn everything we can teach, and accept it all. So, this should be a fun last weekend of this trasnfer.

We've done pretty well this transfer, especially for this area. I love the area and the people, but it's hard. There are some areas in the mission that easily baptize every week, but unfortunately, this isn't one of them. But, it's helped me learn that a mission is work. We've really worked in this area and seen success. This transfer we will have had 2 weddings of families and their baptisms, and the baptism of Kamila. It's been a lot of work, but really rewarding as well.

As far as Elder Christensen and I staying together, we have no idea. This is going to be an interesting transfer. It's unlikely he'll get transferred b/c it's his last one. It's unlikely I'll get transferred b/c I've only been here for 2. But, it's also unlikely that we'll stay together for 3 transferrs. So, we really have no idea. I'm up for anything. I'm learning a lot from Elder Christensen though, he's a good teacher and friend. We have fun, but work really hard.

This was a good Portuguese week. I don't know why, but exciting. I'm not fluent yet, but I found myself understanding pretty much everyone and everything. I don't have to think as much when I talk. My accent is improving and I try to talk like these people. They've got a weird kinda accent (it's cool). I'm really trying to get it down and master the language. I can converse and teach without really any problems. I still say things wrong, but so close to understanding what they say. Once that happens, I hear the language just takes off.

Speaking of talking, guess who gave a talk in church this week? told me Sat. night after the baptism that I was going to speak in church the next morning. Thanks Bishop... I gave a 10 minute talk on charity and feel like it went well. It was kinda fun. I was a little nervous at first, I didn't have Elder Christensen sitting right next to me in case I forgot a word, but I didn't really have any problems. I'm sure I said at least a few things wrong, but everyone pretended they understood. But yeah...that was fun.

Oh, Elder Christensen got some packages this week. One of which had a root beer. Mas rapaz. He's going to share with me. I'm so excited. If anybody sends me even one can of root beer, I will love them forever. You have no idea... When we opened his package and saw the bottle of root beer, we went crazy. Yeah, just saying, if anybody sends me even one small can of root beer, I'll be in heaven. Just saying....

It's still hot here! Like always. The rainy season seems like it's never going to come. Christmas is officially in full swing. Trees can be found in every house, wreaths are up all over, even houses have little Christmas lights up. To top it off--we heard The Beach Boys AND Elvis Christmas albums. No joke. In Manaus...It's weird.

I had to clean out a baptismal font that was full of bugs, again... with a cup. Sometimes I just love Manaus. An hour before the baptism, I put on a jumpsuit, jumped in, and cleaned out all the bugs. Well....almost all of them. I'm sure I missed a few ants or something. Maybe I'll get to do it again on Sunday. Shannon, I don't see you having this problem in Campinas. Maybe....but I would assume not.(Editor's note- we sent Eric a little aquarium bug scooping net this week. Might work better than a paper cup!)

Well, have a good week. Love you guys. Shannon this is for you, boa Sorte!

Oi Shannon! Eu estou animado para você! Eu amo Brasil, e eu estou muito animado que você vai vir pra cá. Depois de nossas missões nós vamos falar em Portugués! Legal neh? Eu acho que você não vai entender isso, mas tudo bem. Então, só isso. Boa sorte. E, até mais. Tchao.

Have fun...Talk to you guys next week. Tchao!

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