Friday, March 19, 2010

March 17, 2010

Hey guys,

Well, we had a decent week this week. Not really anything too new is going on. We find out about transfers on Saturday. I’m not really sure what will happen. I can see me staying here one more transfer, but I can also see me getting transferred. So, I guess we'll see what happens. I would like to turn senior now. I'm still a little "young" for an American to turn senior in our mish, but my Portuguese is good enough and I’m ready to go to work the way I feel like things should be done. Another incentive is that Elder Jeffery R. Holland is going to visit the mish in April and will speak, but only the missionaries in Manaus will get to see him. So...just one more incentive. I guess I’ll find out Saturday though...

Looks like the baptism that we had planned for this next Sunday will fall through. But we have another 5 marked for the end of this month, considering everything goes well...The only problem being transferred is that I would miss some baptisms.

Sunday night was a little hectic here. We were in our house and had just gotten done passing our weekly numbers and it started to rain really hard, which is pretty normal here so it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. But our power ended up going out and we opened the front door to have a little more light. As we were watching, the road next to our house ended up flooding. We watched cars trying to pass with water above their headlights. Some cars ended up getting stuck and/or crashing. So, Elder Paredes and I just looked at each other, threw on some sandals and headed out to help some of the cars. We barely made it out of our house when the water in front of our house took away our sandals. We ended up catching them but then ended up going out barefoot to help some ppl. We helping about 5 cars or so get unstuck. It was pretty crazy though. The water in the road was up to my knees. We have a little park next to our house that has a little river then flooded all over. There is a little walkway that we were using that was completely flooded. We pretty much just had to wade our way through. I felt like some Alligator or something was going to float past me...

But, other than that things are going pretty normal here. We watched "special witnesses of Christ" with one of our investigator families and they thought it was funny that President Monson told a story about Elder Delbert L. Stapley. He referred to him as Elder Stapley, so the family got a kick outta it...

We had a little churrasco (BBQ) at our house with a few missionaries Saturday night. But, we didn’t leave to buy the meat until like 8:30, thinking that a store right next to our house would be open. Turns out they closed early, so my comp and I had to run to another part of the city to buy meat. We literally ran....I’m sure people thought we were crazy. The Mormons walk all day in the sun and run at night, with ties and white shirts...We got a few strange looks. But we had the churrasco!

Well, that’s pretty much it for this week. But, maybe next week I’ll be in another place. We'll see I guess....But Shannon good luck! Welcome to this side of the world. Bring some snack foods with you from home. But anyways, love you guys! Tcahu

-Elder Eric Stapley

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