Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terra Nova

Hey guys,

Well, it's P-day again. The work is still going well and I'm enjoying life. We are still firm for a wedding next week and have another young man that we're working with that went to church on Sunday. The work is still going on and it looks like we should have some success over the next few weeks.

So, transfers went down this week. Here's the update. I stayed and so did Elder Wolfe. This is the longest that I've stayed in an area, and now will be the most time that I've spent with one companion. I'm happy with it though. Elder Wolfe is a good guy and the ward is really good. I'm starting to really become good friends with a lot of the ward members. The biggest update with transfers though is that our district split. Pres realized that our district was bigger than some of the other zones....So, our district divided and I'm now district leader over 6 missionaries. It's a good group of guys and should be fun. I was a little surprised to be called... Tomorrow, I have to do my first baptismal interview. Not sure how I feel about that.... But, should be fun.

It's funny that you say that it's getting warm at home. "Into the 70s", you say? Ironically, this week got into the 70s. But the difference is that here, 70 degrees is really cold. I've seen people wearing sweaters and bundled up in blankets. I think I'm getting used to the heat though, because even I wore a long sleeve shirt this week. It's some random phenomenom. The natives are freaking out, but I'm enjoying it....

Friday night, we had a little mini-party for the Elders that were being transfered or going home. We made burgers. Again, everyone thanks you for the ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, and the Red Robin Seasoning. Even the Brazilians are addicted. Today, we made Mexican food again. So, your package is really appreciated. The spagetti stuff was good, the paste and seasoning. I'm not as big into the BBQ sauce, but the others love it. And there is a brazilian that would actually love you forever if you sent more Red Robin Seasoning. He's been trying to buy mine off of me, but I just can't let it go. Candy is good too...Starbursts are always a hit. Next time- Starburst fruit snacks and more glow sticks (we used them all at a ward party.)

Today we played soccer, like usual. I bought myself some new shoes to play in. It was legit. Last week, we stopped by the church at night to drink some water. The Bishop and a few young men were playing soccer and invited us to play for a minute. So, I took off my shoes and played with my shirt and tie. I don't think they were expecting much of 2 American missionaries. But, one of the first times I got the ball, I pulled a sweet juke on Bishop and then one on a young man and made a pretty impressive was fun. I'm not sure if I'll be invited to play soccer again after embarassing a bunch of Brazilians....

I've been learning a new instrument. Berimbau. Doubt you've ever heard of it. But there is a sweet less active man that we visit every week. He's a master of capeoira. One day I asked if he would teach me and he got really excited. He said he's even going to make one for me that I can take home. But, last night we had a pretty sweet jam session with a congo, berimbau, and a tamborine. You should google it and check it out...

Well, that was pretty much it for this week. Just enjoying the cold 75 degree weather...So nice. but, hope all is well with you and have a great week!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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