Friday, September 3, 2010


Hey guys,

Well, here’s what’s up. transfers went down, and I’m now in a new area. Laranjeiras. It’s pretty close to my old area actually. But richer....Get transferred was bitter-sweet in many ways. I almost felt like I had become a member of the ward after 6 months. My last day was hectic! Everyone wanted me to visit them, eat food, and have family nights.....I ate so much! After I found out I was getting transferred I just ended up eating with members who wanted to give us food. Good stuff. I was able to visit everyone I needed to though, and in a lot of ways it was actually kind of sad leaving the area. On Sunday I bore my testimony in front of the ward. I only cried a little bit though. I even ended up crying saying goodbye to a few ppl. I hate that....But one of the coolest things was our Amazon hunter friend Nirol, made me a sweet berimbau. Rapaz. The berimbau part of it (its kinda like a shaved out coconut looking thing) was tight. He told me that he made it for his grandson when he was born, but that he wanted me to have it...It was legit. I kind of miss Santa Marta now. It was time to leave, but it was time for me to last lunch was with Gelcimar and Russellyce, the last couple that I baptized here...Also to top things off, Fernando, one of the other men I baptized/married in my last area got the Melchesidek (sp..? help me’s different in Portuguese) this weekend and was sustained at stake priesthood meeting. All in all, it was a great weekend, but in many ways bitter-sweet...Even leaving Elder Wolfe. He’s a good guy and good missionary...

So, my new comp is Elder Woolf. My last comp was Elder Wolfe. I almost thought it was a joke when I found out. He’s a cool guy though .Really chill and laid back. He’s from Spokane and has about as much time as Elder Wolfe on the mission. About 6 months or so. Washington power....Good work.

But, what’s nice about my new area is that it’s closer to where we play our weekly soccer than my last ward. And it’s not even in the same stake. Instead of having to take a bus, I just walked here this morning. I was stoked when I found out. So, I still get my weekly soccer in! I’m still a DL, and my district seems to be geographically large. Unfortunately....But oh well. I’m stoked.

As far as the work goes, it looks like we have potential for a wedding. It’s not marked yet, but it sounds like the ppl are interested and have been going to church for a while. We even have all the papers. I’m not really sure why the wedding hasn’t happened yet, it seems like everything is all set. We just gotta finish it. So, that’s my goal for this week. Get this wedding all sorted out. I love weddings....

My only problem is that I lost my voice. I can barely even talk....Its kind of frustrating actually. But oh well...I don’t think I’m sick, I just can’t talk....

Well, hope all is going well with you guys and that you all have a great week. Love and miss you guys!


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