Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey guys,
Everything is going well. We've been working hard and we're still trying to sort through this mess of wedding papers and find new people that we can teach. And it's still really hot over here. So, everything is pretty much the same old....We've been having a decent amount of meetings and we've been talking a lot about how to find new people that we can teach, and that we need to show our faith to find the elite. So, the missionary life continues.

Today we had a pretty good p-day. We called up a bunch of Americans and we played football. Real american football. We started playing in a church parking lot and then we moved to an large tent-covered area where some church holds outside meetings. It wasn't being used and the sun is hot, so we played some fun football today. Gosh, I miss the USA! After emailing, we are going to make some tacos or Amerian burgers...

Speaking of American burgers, I got the package! Thanks!!! We should be making some good American food this week.....

I've been teaching the "principles of the gospel" class on Sundays. Since I've been in this ward, the real professor has showed up only one time to church. So, I always get the opportunity to teach at the last minute. I usually try to read through the lesson during sacrament meeting to try and get an idea of where the lesson goes. My first week in the ward, Bishop came up to me right after sacrament meeting and said,"Elder, you need to teach the principles of the gospel class...." I'm enjoying it though. We have a decent class and some people that participate and are willing to learn.

I talked with the Monteiros, by phone, this week. (It's the family of Shannon's companion in Campinas.) Sister Monteiro's mom is so nice! She's adopted me as her son. She's sending me guaranĂ¡ in piraucus tounge. I guess it's good....whatever. I really want to go to Maues now. She said, "if you need anything, you call us and we'll send it to you, ok?!" I might ask President if I can go to Maues. Not like that changes anything, but who knows....

Elder Woolf and I get along really well. He's way chill and turns out he knows some of Brian's cousins in Spokane. He has a tourist book of Washington that his family sent him, and I made myself homesick once or twice staring at the pics or Mt. Rainer and Seattle....At least it's now raining over here. It's just really hot rain and a lot more uncomfortable than the rain in Seattle....but that's life.

But yeah. that's pretty much what's been going on this week. The missionary life goes on....I hope everything is going well at home with you guys, Have a great week!

-Elder Eric C. Stapley

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