Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey guys,
Well, this week went pretty well. The work goes on. We are still working hard and looking for more people to teach and baptize. We are finally starting to get some good references from the members, and it looks like we should be having some good success in the future. So, the life goes on...

The blistering heat is still continuing. My comp even got a pic of our thermometer at 49 degrees (Celsius....) So, yeah. It's a little warm...So, yes. I'm very jealous of the cold autumn weather....

This week we had interviews with President Jayme. Mine went really well. I love that man. He told me that part of the reason I'm in my area is so that I can get a full experience of the mission. I've been in some very poor areas, left Manaus- 650 miles to Rondonia, and now it's my turn to pass in one of the richest parts of Manaus. I had a good chat with President, and I look forward to the interviews with him.

I was able to watch all the sessions of General Conference, but in a mix of languages. I watched half the sessions in English and the others in Portuguese. Even though I'm able to understand everything in Portuguese, I really prefer English. So much better. I loved being able to hear the real voices of the prophet and apostles and really enjoyed all the messages. It seems like every general conference seems to go by a lot faster than the last. I've realized that I've grown to love general conference so much more. Instead of seeming like the 10 hours it did when I was younger, it now seems to go by in half an hour. I really enjoyed the comments on gratitude, and I've even begun preparing this years edition of my Thanksgiving list again. Be prepared.

Yesterday, I had more leadership meetings. I really enjoyed the trainings from President. We talked a lot about the importance of prayer, the book of Mormon, and going to church both for our investigators, but also in our own personal lives. it was really good and the trainings reinforced some good techniques that I can better in my mission and my teaching.

Transfers go down this week. Like usual, I have a range of mixed feelings. I want to stay, go, stay with my companion, get a new one....I guess whatever the Lord's will is, I'm down with it. But, most likely I'll be staying. But who knows....I'll let you know where I am next week...

So, some of the highlights of my week come from Porto Velho. Elder De Jesus, my second comp on the mission (in Porto Velho) passed through this weekend before the leadership meetings. He was greeted at conference by one of our old baptisms, Dionizio, who was there (in a suit!) with his family. He told Elder De Jesus to send me a hug and thanked the both of us for what we taught him and helped him with. He told De Jesus to tell me that he's firm in the faith and is going to church every week! Today, I also got a really cool email from Teles and Lucimar, another couple that I taught when I was in Porto Velho, but due to wedding paper complications, I was transferred before the wedding. ....
But today they sent me an email with wedding and baptism pictures, telling me they also are loving the church, and also firm in the faith. It was a great email, and I honestly loved hearing that some of the people that I taught are still going to church and have really embraced the gospel....Pretty much made my week.

But, yeah. Other than that, life continues. The work goes on. Hope all of you are doing well, and have a great week. Miss you guys!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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