Sunday, November 28, 2010

Laranjeiras Thanksgiving 2010

Hey guys,

Well this was an eventful week....First of all, transfers went down. I stayed in Laranjeiras, Elder Woolf was transferred, and I'm training again. His name is Elder Lewis. He came from the CTM in São Paulo, is from Spring City, UT, and he's way cool. It took me a little by surprise that I'd train again, but I guess I'm down with it. I talked with President before Elder Lewis showed up, and he was telling me that it takes "the best" and that he's sure that the Lord wants me to train again at this time. So, should be fun...I'm excited. Elder Lewis showed up yesterday afternoon.

Today we went to the center and took pics at the theater and had lunch and stuff with a few other Elders. It was way chill....

Elder Woolf (my last comp) is now in Lagoa Verde, my first area. Sounds like some of my early baptisms are still firm in the church! It's always good to get messages like that. I was stoked for him to get to be in that area and I already kinda miss the guy.

We have a baptism for this weekend. Alexandre. His baptism date keeps getting moved around, but this Saturday it all will be set. We also have a wedding and baptism for early December. So, we have a few good baptismal dates lined up and the work is going well....

I'm still practicing with the Primary for their program this Sunday. Hopefully, it should turn out pretty well. But still, pray for me to not mess up in front of the ward.

So, as tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I'll throw on the new top 10 list for this year. Here goes,

1. Fam and friends.

As usual, this has got to be the first one. Love all you guys! Mom, Dad, Shannon, Erynn, Megan, Brynn and Callen! You guys are the best. And to all my friends all over the world right now. Love you guys....I wouldn't be who I am without all you guys

2. My comps

I've been blessed so far with great comps. Every once and a while it's gotten just a little stressed, but I have no complaints. I consider my missionary comps some of my best friends and I'm grateful for the things that I've learned from each of them. You guys (if you're reading this...) are studs. Thanks for everything.

3. Brazilian food

So, on my last list I put on American food. This time I'll put on Brazilian. Açai, cupuaçu, feijão, abacatada, picole da massa, manga, BARÉ, antartica, e churrasco

4. Carpet

They don't have it here. I miss it. I know it sounds weird, but I'm tired of walking around in sandals all the time. I can't wait to have carpet again. I'll even take a nap on carpet the first week I'm back home.

5. Manaus

I have a love/hate relationship with this place. But I really do love it. Just not when it's over 120 degrees every day. But, I really am going to miss this place when I go back home. The city has really grown on me.

6. Air conditioning

What an amazing invention. Man overcoming the effects of nature. Adapting his enviroment to make it better, more comfortable, bearable. Such a great invention. Whoever invented the air conditioner has my vote for the Nobel Prize. Why do I not know this man's name? I feel like his name should be included with the likes of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Jimi Hendrix....What a stud

7. "Everlong"-Foo Fighters
It's an amazing song. Dave Grohl is the man....

8. Taco Bell

They really need one here! I consider it proof that God loves His children here on the earth.

9 Taylor Swift.

I'm going to marry her.

10. The Savior

Of course, this is the last thing too. I'm so greatful for my Savior. I know that He lives! That He loves us and cares for us. I feel like I've grown to understand and know the Savior more since I've been here on my mission, and I'm so grateful for His atoning sacrifice for us. I love the words of the song, "what joy that this sweet sentence gives, I know that my Reedeemer lives..."

Well, that's the list for this year. Hope you enjoy it. But I'm outta time, so I gotta run. Enjoy Disneyland, have a great week, and I'll talk to you all later.
Love you!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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