Monday, December 13, 2010


Hey guys,

Well this was a good week. We baptized Alexandre on Saturday, and it went really well. He had origionally asked for Bishop to preform the baptism, but Bishop didn't bring clothes to change. We decided that since it was Elder Lewis' first week, we'd let him perform the baptism. I think he would have appreciated more notice, as he had no idea what the baptismal prayer was in Portuguese, but he did just fine and the baptism went really well. We are looking forward to the wedding/baptism in 2 weeks from now.

Elder Lewis is way cool. He's from Spring City, which is close to Manti, and we are becoming good friends. I've been blessed with some cool comps on my mish.

Thanksgiving went well....we honestly really didn't do anything. We just celebrated by buying some milkshakes at night. Exciting huh...? And lunch and beans. Of course.

It's December! I got the Christmas package. Thanks for everything! We've already started listening to some Christmas music, in honor of you Erynn..But I'm stoked for Christmas. It marks the beginning of the end... Just 3 more weeks!

So, we had the Primary Program on Sunday. It went well, and fortunately I didn't mess up in front of the entire ward as I was playing the organ. It turned out well, and the ward was appreciative that I helped out.

Today we played some American football and frisbee. We later had a district party, and ate pumpkin pie and brownies. It felt like Thanksgiving. I just wish I had more time to take a nap now....But oh well. Im going to sleep so well tonight.

But yeah. Life is going well. Im enjoying training again. I need to take a picture with my 2 filhos (sons) soon. Everyone keeps saying I need to train one more to tie with my trainer, Elder Christensen -who trained 3 times. We'll see what happens I guess. But anyways, I hope all is well with you guys. Have a great week!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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