Saturday, December 18, 2010


Well, this week went well. We had a wedding last week and the baptism of a cool lady, who was living with a less active man. They are now going to church every week and the baptism and wedding both went really well. While we were filling up the baptismal font, I found a manual about eternal marriage and studied it- just to get in the Spirit for the wedding. The service was simple and personal, but at the same time, more special because of that. The baptism went well and I was asked to perform the ordinance. After the baptism, the husband came up to me, thanked me and then said he would be honored if I participated in their recently born baby's blessing next month. I've not done that yet, so should be fun. I was just honored he invited me to stand in.

The work still goes on and we are preparing for some more baptisms next month and possibly another one this month, if all goes as planned.

This Sunday was the regional Stake conference and we heard talks from Elder Ellis, Elder Anderson, Elder Ucthdorf, and Sister Dalton (I think that's who she was at least...) It was cool, but it was funny to hear the accents of the ones that actually spoke in Portuguese, and didn't have their talks translated. Let's just say I made a few goals to try my best to keep up my accent as best as I can after the mission. Not like I'll be an apostle or something, but just to keep my Portuguese sounding like....well....Portuguese...It was funny. Even Elder Lewis noticed. During Elder Anderson's talk he looked at me and asked, "he doesn't have a good accent, does he?" But, their talks all had good messages and it went well.

We also watched the First Presidency Christmas message. I love Christmas music, especially in English

We just got done playing frisbee today. BYU frisbee season will be coming up before I know it, so I need to get ready.

Speaking of yesterday, I only have 6 more months on the mission!! It has gone by so fast. I called up the other American going home with me and we talked about how it still seems like yesterday that we were in the MTC. But, I'm now on the home stretch....

We'll be having our Christmas conference next week, but it doesn't look like we'll be going to the meeting of the waters this year, and we'll have a talent show. Our district has prepared the "12 days of Christmas" with some changed lyrics, including a letter from a girlfriend, 5 large packages, 3 pacu (a fish from here..) and other random stuff. Should be pretty funny.

Merry Christmas for all who are reading this! And Happy New Year! Best wishes

-Elder Eric C. Stapley

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