Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Porto Velho

It's P-day again! Overall, we had a pretty good week. It's definitely the rainy season... It rains every day and is still hotter than inferno. But, it's all good! Every once in a while it reminds me of home, except a lot hotter...

So, yesterday I went on a division again. It was with an American who's been serving about 8 months. We had a pretty good time. Except lunch...I heard lunch was going to be fish. I was pretty excited. When we got there, I realized it wasn't a fish that I'd eaten before. I honestly thought it was a piranha. It was ugly (hideous actually...) and had massive teeth. My comp and I just looked at each other, then we ate it. It tasted pretty good, but it's spine and bones were tiny. (Usually we only get tambaci here. It's a bigger fish, tastes good, and has some pretty fat bones.) So, I was eating pretty slowly, but I still ended up swallowing a fish bone. I didn't say anything- didn't want to freak everyone out- and just kinda kept eating. It finally went down. I was worried for a second. Bigger fish are so much better. But, I'm still alive.

The other interesting thing about the division, I was the better Portuguese speaker for the day. That doesn't happen too often. It was kinda fun. It gave me the chance to talk more and see what it's like to be the senior. I gotta admit, I enjoyed it. I'd like to turn senior next transfer, but don't know if that will happen. President leaves everyone as juniors a long time. It's not uncommon to have missionaries with 9-10 months still as juniors. We'll see though...

This week was pretty normal. Elder De Jesus and I get along for the most part and we're pretty good friends.

I made chocolate chip cookies this week with another American. It's fun to make them with Brazilian companions, they don't eat much. They say the sugar isn't good for them and they aren't used to it. I'm fine with that. We use something like brown sugar, but different, so the cookies weren't exactly like at home, but they were pretty good.

Have a great week, love you guys, e Tchao!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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