Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Porto Velho

Before I forget, I'll respond to some of your questions. I'm using the ice cream ball and have made ice cream 3 times. I'm waiting for the right time to make the brownies. In the picture I sent home last week, all 3 of the Brazillians are missionaries. They are just short. We were playing frisbee and basketball. As far as the package, it was great! I can wait awhile for new black socks. I'll destroy the ones I have a little bit more. But yeah, I liked everything in it. Cheeze-its are a repeat. As well as brownies. Whatever you send... I'll like it.

Overall we had a good week. We had another baptism on Sunday. It was well attended. Now we are trying to find some new people to teach. We're starting to work with a couple that will get married in February. The work is going well.

So, this was an interesting week for food. On New Year's Day we had a great feast. Lasagna, fish, fruit. Good stuff. I think it was the first time I had fish in Porto Velho. I also experimented with 2 new kinds of ice cream. Plum, and corn. I think plum was the better of the two....but it's just kinda weird. Some other American missionaries and I are looking for mint extract to make mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's kinda difficult here....but we're trying. Also! We went to SUBWAY!! We went with 2 other missionaries. It was so good. The other American and I went first, bought 6 inch sandwiches, and before our Brazilian comps were done ordering, we were finished and in line to buy another. So good!

New Year's was pretty fun. Like Dad guessed, the city was full of drinking, fireworks and partying. We had a mini party in our house. We made some ice cream and played some UNO. Pretty exciting... it made for a good time.

I'm trying to think what else went down this week....not too much really. Rain, sun, mud. The usual.

-Elder Eric Stapley

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