Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hey guys,
We are working really hard and are having some good success. We've only got one baptismal date marked right now, but we've got some good people with potential that we are teaching. So, I'm hoping that things go really well over the next few months in the area. I'm enjoying the ward, the area, and the work. And Elder Lewis and I are having a blast.

This week we had a great district meeting. We finished last week with relatively great numbers, especially for this zone, but I felt it just wasn't our best. Our ZLs were way happy with us and said we did a lot better that almost all the zone, but I still felt it wasn't our "best..." So, this week in district meeting, we talked about 2 things. First, the importance of our desire and how we can better it. I then came up with a new idea. Every night, I talk personally to every member of the district and I ask one question. "Did you do your best today?" I then have another missionary ask me if I did my best. It's been fun and it motivates me a lot during the day, knowing that at night I'm going to have to say if I really did the best that I could do. But, it's been going well with the district and we've been tearing it up. I'm pretty happy about it.

So, "Vaughn" Christensen is in town. My trainer. I saw him for a little bit last night and I ate breakfast with him and some members this morning. After this, we're going out to lunch somewhere. It's been fun to kick it with him. His Portuguese is still really good. My accent still doesn't beat his....Not even close. But, it's fun to hang out with him and stuff. When the family comes down here next year,' Ill have to take Elder Lewis out to lunch. He'll still be here....

Well, I don't really have to much to talk about this week. We're just working hard and I'm having a good time. I really love the mission. Sorry, I don't have any pics this week, cuz I'm not in my area, but I'll send some next week. So, anyway, have a great week. Love you guys! Tchau!
Elder Stapley

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