Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terra Nova

Hey Guys,

Well, it's been another week. Transfers went down. I'm still in my same area with my same comp, which really isn't any surprise. I'm happy to be here for another transfer. I was a little bummed that 3 of my best friends in this district got transferred. One of the guys was my roommate in the CTM and we've become really good friends. First, they told him he wasn't going to be transferred, so we were stoked to stay in neighboring wards, but later he got a call saying he was moving after all. He went to some little island city in the middle of the Amazon. I still have a bunch of other friends in the district, so that's nice.

The work is still going well. One of the teenage girls we're teaching just went to girls' camp and is excited for her baptism. She's integrated with the youth. Good stuff....

This morning we played soccer (it just wouldn't be p-day without soccer) and we made Mexican food at my house again. I'm starting to improve my soccer skills. I had a sweet header and some good goals/jukes. I think it's because of my Argentina jersey...My new nickname...Messi.

This week I made DVDs for the couples that were just married and baptized. They turned out pretty well. Alcione (one of the brides) even started crying when she watched it. We eat lunch at her house every Tuesday, and yesterday she thanked me for teaching her and her family. She said we were like angels that showed up on her front porch at the right time. Her mom (who's kinda against the church) always calls us "gum"- because we don't go away. Alcione said she's alright with that though because she says, "we were sent from heaven to her door." It was a nice feel good moment on the mission. Their family also accepted my challenge to give a book of Mormon to a friend this week. I'm stoked.

Let's see...what else went down this week. Oh yeah. Elder Wolfe got pretty sick on Monday. We were coming back from transfer meeting and on the bus when he went really pale and almost passed out. I asked someone to give up their seat for him. When we got to lunch, he didn't eat and ended up lying down and resting all during lunch. After that we just went home. He had a pretty bad fever and was shaking and stuff. But, after tylenol, a lot of water, rest and a blessing, he got better and we were able to work yesterday. I'm pretty sure he thought he was going to die. I'm glad I've not had to go to the hospital (other than to give an occasional blessing).

We had a good sacrament meeting this week. A lot of really good testimonies on missionary work. We were called "angles" several times. One of my favorite testimonies was from a man that gave us a reference last week. We taught the first lesson to his friend - with him there- and it went pretty well. I had the member share his testimony. On Sunday, he shared part of that in his testimony and even started to cry when he was telling about our experience. He said he felt the same Spirit when we taught that he had felt when he was baptized. That same spirit had converted him and changed his life. He then bore his testimony on missionary work and said he was grateful for the missionaries in the ward. It was a really good testimony meeting.

Have you sent more taco seasoning? We are preparing the biggest 4th of July party ever. No joke. We're having a bbq also. Could you throw in some bbq sauce? (my comp is from the south) Thanks!

Just another week in the life. Work, rain, sun, soccer, teaching, and trying to mark weddings and baptisms. Hope all is going well at home.

Love you!

-Elder Eric C. Stapley

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