Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nova Esperanca

This is our zone. Elder Soares (my comp) is the second from the left.

Elder A. Soares and I are really excited. We're working hard and will probably have a baptism this week. We've marked to have 2 more this month and hopefully it all goes well. The work is going well, our zone is tearing it up and we're having a great time!

I really liked General Conference this week. I think instead of waiting until I'm 25 to get married so I can travel all over the globe first, I'll cut off a year and get married at 24. I'll just work (and goof around....) for one less year. That'll be my plan. But, I really enjoyed general conference. It seems like every year I watch that it goes by faster than the last.

We had the zone leaders council yesterday. It was way fun and I always enjoy getting trainings from President. We talked a lot about the importance of a good companionship and what we can do as leaders to help the others have better companionships. It went well and we ate at a churrascaria! Gotta love meat! I think my comp and I ate the most. President was wanting to leave and we were still asking for more meat. Gotta take advantage of it!

I was talking to one of my friends this week, and he said, "Dude, you're lucky. You're getting near the end of your mission, working hard, in a good area, getting fed a lot, a leader, and have a great comp". It made me think that yeah, I do have it pretty good right now. I'm loving the mission and it's weeks like this one that I'll miss....I'm in a great area, we're working hard, and I can honestly say that I'm
enjoying my mission....I'm gonna miss it when it's all over.

We played some basketball this morning. It was fun. I love having a group of Americans that I can play sports with every week. By the end, I even started playing decently well. I love getting my sport fixes in every week and we had a fun time.

Anyway, I hope that you guys are doing great and enjoying Maui. I'm just jealous that you guys are able to go swimming and snorkeling and all that, but, I'm sure we'll go in the next few years....So, love you guys!

Until later
-Elder Eric Stapley

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