Monday, April 18, 2011

Nova Esperanca

Sup guys?
We had a baptism on Saturday and it went well for the most part. Not too many people attended, which is always really frustrating, but the ordinance is the most important part. The work is going well. We're teaching some good people and Elder A. Soares and I teach really well together....

I've been going on a lot of divisions with the district leaders this week. It's fun, but at the same time kinda annoying because I travel around and sleep at the district leader's houses. Sometimes, I just want to be in my own house. But, our zone is doing really well and baptizing well. All the companionships have at least 1 baptismal date mark, so it's all good.

We played some basketball today. It was a blast. I really look forward to my P-day sports. I think it's what keeps me going during the week. We topped it off with some tacos at my house....Good times!

Our ward has been having a few problems lately. The entire ward has a different feel than any other I've been in. I think I've only eaten lunch at 5 different peoples houses. Lunch appointments fall or they call the relief society president and we eat at her house. It's a weird situation. But, we talked with President this week and he really trusts in us. I'll probably be here until the end of my mission, so I gotta learn to love it.

Anyways, life goes on. Just enjoying the work, working hard, and having a good time. Talk to you guys next week. Tchau!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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