Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nova Esperanca

Hey guys,

Well, it's my last transfer! I can't believe it. Pres threw me a curveball though....I'm training. again....this is now the 3rd time. My comps name is Elder Sena. He's from Natal. He's cool, way layed back and calm. And, he likes to play sports. So, we get along well. We even played some b-ball this morning. He played pretty well for a Brazilian, and we spent the afternoon talking about the NBA- our favorite teams and, he's legit.

I honestly wasn't too excited to hear that I'd be training again. I was happy with being ZL. Actually, I would have preferred to just be a normal senior. For once on my mission. But, I guess it never happened. But, I'm trying to stay excited and work really hard. My 1st kid, Elder Wolfe is now a ZL in Acre. My 2nd son got transferred and is still in my same zone. So, I guess I tied with Elder Christensen. 2 American kids and 1 Brazilian...

This has been an interesting week. Two nights ago I said goodbye to some close friends on the mish that just got done with their 2 years. Then I had to say goodbye the next day to 2 other friends who are going to other states, I probably won't see them until after the mish. It's all just a weird feeling. I just saw guys that I was with in the MTC go home. It just seems so surreal to me. But, it's nice to be able to say, "I'll see you at BYU in a few months!" The mish goes by fast.

So, our house has been without water in the bathroom for the last 2 days and will probably only be back on Saturday. I'm cmon?! I have to use the neighbors' or other missionaries' showers and bathrooms. Sometimes I think I'm on a camping trip or something. And, I'm in the richest area of Manaus. Really, this place is a joke sometimes...

Today we played some B-ball, went to the center, and I bought some things to take home with me.

Other than that, we're just working hard and I'm enduring 'til the end....Sometimes the US sounds like paradise to me...

But, I'm excited for Mother's Day this week! I'll talk to you then! Love you!

-Elder Eric Stapley

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